Meet this little cutie, CHABELITA!


Imagine being immersed in one task and suddenly you hear your father screaming your name frantically. He screams your name a couple more times, and you feel the obvious panic from him.



You sit right up to see what the commotion was about, even alarmed of a possible intruder in the house. But then… you see this cute little cat… (who he thought was a gorilla.) Seriously? Gorilla??

Meet ASH! But I prefer to call her CHABELITA because that’s the adoptive name I gave this cat who appeared in our balcony. There’s a simple reason behind that name and it’s because she is a cute, chubby and furry cat!





I’d like to think of this cat as a girl, although I don’t really know what her gender is. Okay? So…


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Chabelita appeared in our balcony, seemingly lost and a bit shy at first, but when we touched and hugged her, she warmed up to us immediately. She’s a true sweetheart and even if I don’t like cats (I actually hate cats because I think they’re evil), I fell in love with Chabelita! She had a body collar on but didn’t have a tag to help us find out who she belonged to or where she lived so I was hesitant to take her out again to the balcony. She seemed more well off than me, lol, and the thought of having bad guys pick her up and just sell her really scared me. I decided to be the cat-sitter or Chabelita’s foster mom.



Just look at her sleeping soundly on one of our chairs.



I posted about a lost cat in our homeowners’ group page but to no avail. So I took care of her for a few more hours, waiting for the owner to come pick her up. Sadly, I had to hand her over to Security because I was going to leave the house and no one would be around to look after her.

The next day came and the first thing I did was to check whether she was returned to her owner. The security man told me yes and I felt both sad and happy for Chabelita. I came to visit her and the owner was very thankful. She told me that Chabelita or “Ash” (her real name) always goes out to the balcony to wander but comes back when she’s tired or hungry. According to her, it’s the first time Ash came inside another neighbor’s home.

Well, I welcome her anytime. And I hope to this cute cat again soon! Haha.




*update Nov 2017: Chabelita is actually a guy, a CHABELITO. After the “incident,” he still visited our unit a couple more times. His owner even had to come by every now and then just to check if he’s here with us. Haha. So much for separation anxiety. There was one time I was sleeping on my bed, and I kept hearing a tiny “meow” and I thought I was just imagining it. I rolled to the other side and saw Chabelito staring at me! I could just melt then and there. He was waking me up to say Hi. 






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