Behind the Denim Brand: Avel x Matteo


Love denim? It’s better ripped.


After a year of planning and conceptualization – finally, it’s here!

Actor Matteo Guidicelli and designer Avel Bacudio launched their highly-anticipated denim line, “Avel x Matteo,” last Tuesday, July 3, during the kick off of Shopee Celebrity Squad at One Canvas Events Place, Makati.


[quick interview]


Q: What about this new denim brand? 


The goal of Matteo and Avel was to create and collaborate on Easy Jeans, a collection of limited edition ripped denim pants. These pants are versatile and wearable pieces that can easily transition from day to night, and could perfectly suit the fast-paced lifestyle we lead nowadays.



The jeans show just the right amount of skin, making them subtly sexy and easy to pair with anything. The stretch fabric of the jeans also gives you the freedom to move, and the freedom to express your style. 


Q: How did you come up with the idea of venturing into the fashion world?


Matteo made it clear that he was passionate about ripped jeans. When asked why, he simply stated, “I just wanted more holes in my jeans.” But kidding aside, he thinks it’s something that you can wear all the time, and basically with anything! So he approached Avel (multi-awarded designer), pitched the idea of starting their own line, and as they say, the rest is history!


Q: Why do you like ripped jeans so much?

Simply put, “ripped jeans are cool.” What Matteo loves about the denim is that it really “contours the lines or curves of a female body.” You can easily “mix and match,” and it would still look appealing no matter who wears it – a small or a tall person.

“It is elastic, it fits all, dati thick yung fabric ng mga ripped jeans, but iba yung fabric ng Avel x Matteo. Ngayon, it’s lightweight and fresh – perfect to wear in the Philippines. Mas elastic din yung fabric when you wash the jeans,” said designer Avel. (trans: It is elastic and it fits all. When ripped jeans first became a thing, the fabric used was really thick. But the fabric used for Avel x Matteo collection is lightweight and fresh – perfect to wear in the Philippines. It becomes elastic when you wash the jeans.)


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Q: Do you think more guys should wear it [ripped jeans]? 


Avel [screw the misconceptions]: “As long as kaya mo dalin, go!” (trans: If you can rock it, go wear it!)

Matteo [what’s the best jeans?]: “The ripper, the better.”


Q: What was it like working with Avel? 

You could really tell they’re good friends, because Matteo’s just so sincere and happy working with the designer. “Avel is really cool. He really does all the magic, and not just that, he’s an awarded designer around Asia, and around the world. [Part of the sales] is also going to his advocacy in Baguio – for the visually impaired.”


Q: Where can we purchase your jeans? 


According to Matteo, the denim brand will be exclusively available on Shopee from July 4. Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and they also just launched the Shopee Celebrity Club (in which Avel and Matteo are part of) – a dedicated in-app space featuring a variety of celebrity brands to allow shoppers to easily access products sold by their favourite celebrities. They’re the first e-commerce with this initiative, and it’s pretty nice. They collaborated with other celebs as well! Click here to see the list. 

I’m sure you’ve probably used the app before because it’s famous for having no shipping fees – on most items, at the very least. 😛 Avel x Matteo will also have pop-up stores in some areas, so make sure you check that out!



Rooting for Avel and Matteo are some famous personalities:






All in all, the launch was a nice social event. I even saw my supervisor and her co-workers during my college internship days. Small, small world! 

I’ve long adored the “too-ripped-to-care” fashion of ripped jeans, but for some reason, I don’t have one! (It sucks, I know). This event made me want to get myself a pair to add to my closet. The Avel x Matteo is only P1,499 soooo….. how shredded do I want my jeans to be? Lol. I’m thinking Luna or Gabriela. Look at the Avel x Matteo collection here! 


Thanks for the quick interview and staring *swoons* challenge!











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