The Thai Cave Rescue Is a Story the World Needs


A moving story of human resilience, courage, and optimism.


I’m sure you’ve come across the news of the 12 boys and their soccer coach, who’s been trapped in the Tham Luang Nan Non caves in Chiang Rai in Thailand since June 23rd. What was originally a fun cave exploration turned out to be a life-changing moment, when the heavy monsoon rains started to flood the caves, forcing the team to push back and look for higher ground.

They were stranded in horrifying darkness, without food or water, for 9 days, before British divers found them huddled together on a muddy ledge. During that time, they were weak, malnourished, and tired, but THANK GOD they were found. Can you imagine being stuck in a cave for that long? I would be SCARED TO DEATH. I would think that ALL HOPE is lost.Β But not these incredibly strong boys.


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Just a few hours back, the world rejoiced upon knowing that all the boys have been rescued OUT OF THE CAVE. We were expecting the worse. But the wonderful team of experts, divers, rock climbers, doctors, and other volunteers, who have been working around the clock, pulled of a Mission Impossible.

Now, all their efforts, sacrifices, and hard work finally paid off! There is one tragedy, though. But I know that Thai navy SEAL diver Saman Gunan’s ultimate life sacrifice earned him a spot in heaven. I hope he finds peace and happiness up there, because he was a true hero.



You see, the #ThaiCaveRescue is not just about divers rescuing trapped boys. It’s so much more than that. This story showed that the spirit of humanity and compassion is very much alive, and hope transcends the realm of wishful thinking when there is Universal faith.Β 





This event gave a wonderful display of how humans would look for ways to help another human in need– preparing, and cooking food for the rescuers, volunteering to scour the mountainside in search of new openings and access, or helping with the research involved.


From @AlanJohnLondon of Twitter, here’s what we learned from this event:

1) Neither the identity of the children has been divulged nor their families are hounded for exclusive interviews by media channels

2) The government is not self glorifying itself

3) The opposition is not politicizing the issue either


It was most certainly a miracle that proved there is truly a lot of good in the world. The teamwork, collaboration, care, thoroughness, optimism, dedication, and faith… I’m just in awe!


Humanity is amazing.




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