6 Chill Cebuano Songs You Should Add to Your Playlist


These 6 have a “classic OPM vibe” you just can’t get enough of.


It was an ordinary work day – with me working on online ads, and completing the list of clients to call for the day – when my cousin suddenly suggested to LISTEN to and PLAY his “song request.” Guess what? It’s in Cebuano.

It was my first time hearing a Visayan Pop (that is a thing pala!) song, and I got to say, I was pleasantly surprised because it’s not at all bad; if anything, it was something you could listen to over and over again.Β By the time, I was already on a roll listening to a couple more songs!


A random thing to do. But, hey! Here’s a list of some chill Cebuano songs you should definitely add to your playlist:



1. Wa’y ‘BlemaΒ byΒ Wonggoys


2.Β My Morena Girl by Hey Joe Show


3. Sa Akong Heart by Von Saw


4. Puhon by Kurt Fick


5. HAHAHAHAsula by Kurt Fick


6. Duyog by Jewel Villaflores



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Have you heard any of these songs before, or are you learning about this just now? Tell meeeee!





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