We never experience the same day, twice. The moments we are in, the emotions we feel, the people we meet, and the events that transpire.

Each day unfolds differently, and we have to appreciate it for what it is. It may be anything. Beautiful. Happy. Simple. Boring. Shocking. Romantic. Extreme. Adventurous. Calm. Scary and a whole lot more. But that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?

In real life, my days are not bound by categories. But it is in this blog! Take a look, see what piques your interest, and read a chapter of my todays. 



Hey there! Come and check out my “dailies.” Nothing really fancy. Just the regular routines & usual stuff I’m open to share in my life.



Feel like getting into the foodie mode? Here’s a bunch of my not-expertly cooked food and resto visits that I totally like!



Knowledge is a gift, they say. I’m no know-it all. But here’s everything I learned so far under inspirational, motivational, life, and business tags.



Something I love to do is crafts. Original or Pinterest DIY ideas and artsy stuff right here, ladies and gentlemen. Feel free to be creative!



Your feet can take you anywhere. But with a jeepney, a car, a boat, and a plane? More so. Come on, check out my adventures!



It’s such a wonderful feeling to be in love — with a partner, friends, family, and life. All the sugar, spice, and everything nice are in here. Including tips, ideas, and experiences.



Ever been in a situation where you had to create one more blog category to complete the list? Yep, this is that situation!  Just consider this one full of extraordinaire and unique events/activities.